I'm a intuitive artist inspired by and confused by life. By combining art and meditation with a flow-of-consiousness style, my process becomes an vision quest and an escape into a world of symbols and color. I stop here occasionally to unravel my mind.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Electric Box Mural in Ithaca, NY

I was very excited to have my design selected to cover one of seven new electrical boxes commissioned by the Ithaca Arts Council in the spring of 2017. 

 My mural lives at the corner of Court and Tioga streets. 

The image I submitted and eventually painted — was inspired by the global woman's march and resistance movement. During this ugly divisive political climate, I wanted to create something beautiful, spirit-lifting, joyful, and empowering that represents our role as stewards of our planet. Tapping into the energy of the women's march, these are goddesses that look like flames shooting out from the ocean to support each other and the earth! 

Here are some images of the mural throughout the process. 

Completed image first. 



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