I'm a intuitive artist inspired by and confused by life. By combining art and meditation with a flow-of-consiousness style, my process becomes an vision quest and an escape into a world of symbols and color. I stop here occasionally to unravel my mind.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Intuitive Painting Vision Quest

This luna moth painting was inspired by an experimental intuitive art/energy healing workshop that I hosted in September. Only my sister and two friends in attendance because they didn't mind my experimenting with [on?] them.  😁

I've been painting intuitively for longer than I can remember but my practice became "intentionally" intuitive just in the past 3–5 years as part of my personal path back to radiant health. 

I've decided to share the process, partly for fun, but also to push myself out of my comfort zone. 
Turns out it is not easy to put an intuitive practice into words!
So Luna came through while I was stumbling around in the dark... and that seemed like a good thing. 

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