I'm a intuitive artist inspired by and confused by life. By combining art and meditation with a flow-of-consiousness style, my process becomes an vision quest and an escape into a world of symbols and color. I stop here occasionally to unravel my mind.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

If you could see your soul... what would you see?

Don't know? I can draw your SOUL PORTRAIT
... or you can have a Soul Portrait done of someone else as a gift for them.

A Soul Portrait is a drawing (like below) that combines images and symbols that represent a person and illustrate an individual personality.
The above Soul Portrait combines the following images: Rocky Mountains, film photography, gardening, astrology (zodiac), Aquarius symbol, Uranus, music, thunderstorm, Epona the white mare, dragon, dragonfly, birch tree, antibodies, handheld micropipettor, a nickname, and part of a favorite quote.

Why is this a cool gift?
1. Who wouldn't love an original artwork made just for them, and all about them?
2. Black and white matches everything
3. The size, 6x9, is small enough to sit on a bookshelf if there isn't enough wall space
4. Customized original artwork for $45
5. You're supporting an artist (thank you!)

To purchase a Soul Portrait:
1. Choose from menu (with or without $5 shipping)

2. Email me to request a Soul Portrait questionnaire - so you can share what images and symbols you'd like in the drawing.

Thank you!