I'm a intuitive artist inspired by and confused by life. By combining art and meditation with a flow-of-consiousness style, my process becomes an vision quest and an escape into a world of symbols and color. I stop here occasionally to unravel my mind.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Hello February...

January was BUSY.
Busy. BUSY. B U S Y.

My partner and my mother had big milestone birthdays. Lot's of fun and excitement.
Now I'm ready to re-focus my energy back to art, where it hasn't been since before the holiday chaos.

Here's a painting made for mom. Her backyard is visited by hummingbirds all summer. The animal totem energy of hummingbird is: heal, joy, happiness, love, timelessness, read more.

Mom's Hummingbird, mixed media on canvas, by Shera Delia. 

When you do things from your soul,
you feel a river moving in you.
A joy.